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VFX BUNDLE (VFX pack V1 , V2 and V3) 5$ OFF

VFX BUNDLE (VFX pack V1 , V2 and V3) 5$ OFF

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Why you should get this VFX bundle ?

This bundle is the perfect combination of my three VFX packs. It provides an exceptional opportunity to start and learn how to create VFX quickly and effectively with just a snap of your fingers (drag and drop). You will be able to recreate all the VFX you have seen in music videos or edits. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity and get this bundle without hesitation, especially since it comes with a $5 discount.

What it contains ?

  • VFX pack V1
  • VFX pack V2

Needed Plug-ins

All needed Plug-ins are In the bundle

  • Bcc
  • Deep glow
  • Sapphire
  • Universe
  • Signal
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