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CRT pack V1

CRT pack V1

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What it contain

  • 18 CRT presets
  • CRT fonts
  • Glitches sounds effects
  • DM on instagram (rayanvsdaworld) for plug-ins

Why you should get this pack

  • Ease of use: My CRT presets are easy to use and do not require any photography or image editing skills. They can be applied in just one click, making them accessible to everyone, including beginners.

  • Give your videos a realistic CRT look: The CRT presets you offer allow you to give your photos a realistic vintage look, simulating a VHS television that adds nostalgic charm to your images. You can add a retro touch to your photos without the need for specific equipment.

  • Customization: You can customize the CRT preset effects to obtain unique and personalized results. You can adjust the settings to create effects that match your own style or specific needs.

  • Economical: By purchasing my CRT preset pack, you will save time and money, as you will no longer need to invest in expensive equipment to obtain similar effects. Your presets are an economical and effective alternative to give your photos a realistic vintage look.1;

How to Import my presets ?

Needed Plug-Ins

  • All the plugins you will need will be included in the pack.
  • You will get a download link sent to your email instantly after checkout !
  • I Help and respond to everyone who needs help via email or instagram
  • Check out with confidence

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