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CRT Bundle (V1,V2)/5$ OFF

CRT Bundle (V1,V2)/5$ OFF

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What it contain ?

  • 33 CRT presets
  • 7 CRT project files
  • 1 CRT font
  • Glitch sounds effect
  • 10 CRT textures
  • 80 CRT overlays

Why you should get this pack ?

  • Same price as the CRT pack V1 , But with more content
  • The most realistic CRT emulation

Needed Plug-ins ?

The pack contains all the necessary plug-ins, which can be accessed
through the Google Drive link I put in ,(includes more than 25 plugins).

  • You will get a download link sent to your email instantly after checkout !
  • I Help and respond to everyone who needs help via email or instagram
  • Check out with confidence

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