Hi there,
I am a VFX artist, audiovisual trainer, social media content creator, and creator of packs and presets related to editing software.and I have been making video montages for 5 years, My focus is on helping individuals enhance their video editing experience.
In addition to my training and content creation services, I also receive custom requests from clients through Instagram. These requests may include the creation of 3D logos, music video clips, album cover animations, etc.,
I take pride in offering personalized services to my clients to meet their specific video content creation needs. I use my skills and expertise to create high-quality professional products for my clients, allowing them to stand out on social media and promote their businesses.
Every pack I create is specifically designed to meet my clients' needs, based on their field of expertise and editing style. My presets are pre-configured settings for various effects, which allows my clients to save time in their editing process while offering superior results.
The special effects I offer range from simple color and brightness adjustments to more advanced effects such as animated transitions, custom titles, and particle effects, among others. I am also able to create custom effects tailored to my clients' specific needs.
if you have any issue you can contact me on instagram : rayanvsdaworld